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    3ème Sommet du C40 sur le climat recherche des scripteurs


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    3ème Sommet du C40 sur le climat recherche des scripteurs

    Message  niin le Ven 20 Mar - 14:36

    Le 3ème Sommet du C40 (40 villes les plus importantes du monde), qui aura lieu du 18 au 21 mai, recherche des scripteurs pour retranscrire et résumer les discours et conférences des intervenants. Différentes nationalités sont recherchées (autant que de pays représentés), et l'emploi vise avant tout les étudiants. Plus d'infos dans l'annonce complète ci-dessous (en anglais) :

    The 3rd C40 Large Cities Climate Summit SEOUL 2009
    Foreign Monitoring Staff Enrollment

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will host ‘The 3rd C40 Large Cities Climate Summit’ in Seoul for 4 days, from 18th to 21st May. There will be 500 participants from over 100 cities around the world including the mayors of C40 member cities, environment experts and business leaders to discuss on approaches to tackle climate change in large cities. The C40 Seoul Summit will be held under the theme of “Cities’ Achievements and Challenges and the Fight against Climate Change” with a keynote speech delivered by the former U.S President Bill Clinton. Sessions by subjects, Site visits, Press Conference and Social events will take place during the Summit to experience Seoul’s major environmental practices and cultural places as well.
    The Cities’ Best Practices to tackling on climate changes from each session during the C40 Seoul Summit will be further used as platforms for policy making and press releases. Therefore the Seoul Metropolitan Government is looking for Foreign Monitoring Staff who can record the speeches and summarize discussion reports from each session. Foreign students at universities, language institutes and so on living in Korea are welcomed for applications.
    Especially, we look forward for more interests and attention from foreign students, who have lived in the overseas’ participating cities (approx. 100 major cities) such as London, New York, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo and etc. as indicated in the followings.

    - Followings -
    1. Overview
    1) Title: The 3rd C40 Large Cities Climate Summit SEOUL 2009
    2) Date: 18th(Mon) – 21st(Thu) May 2009, for 4days
    3) Venue: The Shilla Hotel, Seoul
    4) Organizer: Seoul Metropolitan Government
    5) Participants: Approximately 500 people (Delegates from over 100 cities, experts, and etc.
    6) Participating Cities: London, New York, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto, Sydney, Addis Ababa,
    Los Angeles, Athens, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Lagos,
    Bogota, Delhi, Jakarta, Frankfurt, Bonn, Madrid, Malmo, Sao Paulo,
    Ulaanbaatar, Kathmandu, Nairobi, Halifax, and etc.
    7) Official website: http://www.c40seoulsummit.com

    2. Enrollment Information
    1) Number of Monitoring Staff: 40
    2) Role description: record speeches and summarize discussions of each Plenary and Parallel
    3) Monitoring period: Onsite training on 18th May, 2009
    Onsite working on 19th -20th May, 2009
    ※ 1day of Pre-orientation (TBD)
    ※ Monitoring period and time is subject to change.
    4) Qualifications: English available foreigners living in Korea
    (University students, Exchange students, Institute teacher, and employees
    working at foreign companies in environment or energy related fields)
    5) Payment: 50,000 KRW per day (including Tax)

    3. Applications & Dead Lines
    1) Deadline: 6pm of 27th (Fri) March, 2009
    ※ Early closings in case of fulfilled number of staffs
    2) Document: Application Form (prescribed format)
    3) Submission by Email
    4) Email: c40summit@ezpmp.co.kr
    4. Interview schedule
    Only selected candidates will be individually contacted by email.
    Further interview schedule will be notified at that time.
    ※ Selection schedule is subject to change

    If you have any questions, please contact by the below email to MS. So-Ran PYEON.
    Email: c40summit@ezpmp.co.kr

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